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♥William Petersen♥ Place
30th-Sep-2013 11:42 pm - Join Land of Art
alex the awesome 3

landofart is a livejournal land community for graphic artists! Fun challenges, fun games! Fun socialness!

Please reference me, if you join!
14th-Mar-2012 05:46 pm - Hi, I'm new here...
we are fandom
And as a gift I bring you my first self-created gif post
<3 William Petersen in all his hotness!

PS: my tumblr name is spooky192, where this post originated. I hope you like the gifs
16th-Sep-2011 08:47 pm(no subject)
I am so out of the know - Congrats to Billy and Gina on the birth of their twins!
6th-Mar-2009 10:14 am - Apologies
Apologies for the spam. It was dealt with :)

-trumpetq04 aka rubric_kolinahr 
23rd-Apr-2007 06:34 pm - Icons
My first post here.

[27] New Icons
[18] Billy Petersen
[05] GSR
[04] Grissom

more here

also check out my other CSI Fanart at rhcp_csi
12th-Apr-2007 10:44 pm - WP meet-n-greet (sort of)
Hey all.  New here.  Trying to stay "spoiler-free" as well which is really getting tough but I figured i'd share a cool story with ya'll.  I got to meet WP when I went to Rhode Island for his play.  The man is an absolute sweetie!  Check it out herehttp://rachraff.livejournal.com/143029.html
3rd-Apr-2007 10:41 pm - 1986 Twilight Zone Pictures

Not only did Bonnie give me an awesom journal layout, she showed me how to add pictures to my journal.  There are now 18 pictures available from the 1986 Twilight Zone episode with WLP.  Enjoy, make good icons and share!

3rd-Apr-2007 09:53 pm - Layout William Petersen
WP fence
*Squee* I'm so proud of myself ;)
haha lol, I made my very first layout!

I hope it' s okay to post it here, because it's just WP and no GSR.. There will be in the future though, I got the hang of it now ;-)
And I have to avoid the finale spoilers, so I'll have to do everything I can to keep myself occupied!

S2 Flexi Squares: William Petersen
Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Header Compatible: Yes
Nav Bar Compatible: Yes

Bigger screenshot
Live preview at giwu  's journal.

Feel free to install it, and you don't have to, but I'll love you if you credit me in your profile or something..

I really love making layouts (working on a Jorja Fox one at the moment) so I take requests too :-D.. Just let me know what you want and I'll send it over in a code ASAP.
30th-Jan-2007 03:27 pm - Question:
I read that William Peterson is losing his sight. Is this true or something someone made up?
13th-Oct-2006 05:12 pm - New CSI Book!
Smart Pop logo
Hi all--I work for a book publisher called BenBella Books, and I wanted to pop by and let you guys know about a book we've got coming out on CSI called Investigating CSI: An Unauthorized Look Inside the Crime Labs of Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. It’s edited by Donn Cortez, and is an anthology of essays that covers all three shows in an informative and insightful way.

more info under here!Collapse )

You can preview a few of the essays and order on our site: Investigating CSI on smartpopbooks.com . . .

. . . or from Amazon, of course, but we have books in office now, and it’ll take a few weeks for Amazon to register their availability: Investigating CSI on Amazon

Thanks for letting me intrude! :)

10th-Sep-2006 12:02 am - 16 Billy (58th/2006) Emmy Icons

Made some icons from Billy at the Emmys.
17. 23.  29.
Post includes Conan O'Brien and Bradley Whitford.

then you spit it out in onomatopoeia)
31st-Aug-2006 12:54 pm - William Petersen Wallpaper
James May 2
Thanks for the Feedback on my first Post! Greatly appreciated!

I've made another one.

Original Texture by Thia
Lyrics "Silent Boulevard" Tom Mcrae.
17th-Aug-2006 08:25 pm - Grissom Wallpaper
James May 2
First time posting... hopefully someone may find a use for this wallpaper. Comments appreciated :D

I took my own caps, lyrics used are from "I ran away" by Coldplay
9th-Aug-2006 03:41 am - [I'm back!]
Hey guys, it's TrumpetQ04, I'm actually listed as a co-moderator (shock). Lost the internet for awhile but I'm back and popped in to see how everyone was doing and of course my undying love for Grissom/William Peterson.

But I haven't been just loafingCollapse )
hell-o, sexy
Here, side kick post to "130 Kiss The Sky icons", 40 animted icons.
You know the drill - if you like any of these, please make sure to let me know :D

Warnings: 2 MB big post, Mr. Petersen's bare butt and a threesome scene. Oh, and Gary Cole's bare butt. If you're offended by any of these things, don't blame me after . .. *err* wards. 'nuff said.

02 15* 19 40

(Why did you screw her? Why does a dog lick his balls??)
hell-o, sexy
After the poll, here you get what you voted for. And I hope you like it. I'll post the animated icons for this movie later in another post, as my good conscience didn't allow me to do a 3 MB icon post. Like, never.
The whole batch comes in pretty much the same style. I like to keep it simple and focused these days, so if you happen to like or (and!) take any of these, be sure to let me know :D

Warnings: 2 MB big post, Mr. Petersen's bare butt, hat love and a threesome scene. And a sex scene (but the animated ones really kick in *heh*).

011 042 054 124 131

(Why did you screw her? Why does a dog lick his balls??)
12th-Jul-2006 09:10 pm - 26 William Petersen Icons
hell-o, sexy
26 icons: a set where you can take home a Billy of your very own ^^' - he's so pretty, how can you not?! - and another with random icons from photo shoots and movies.
And I finally got around doing that "You want bread? Fuck a baker." quote icon. Definitely the best quote out of "To Live and Die in L.A.". Heh.

You know the drill -> grab. credit. comment and let me know if you took any =)

03 10 17 24
(A Billy of your very own . . .)
30th-Jun-2006 01:17 am - Icons
it&#39;s very good
16 - Good Eats
10 - CSI
10 - Magic

hell-o, sexy
You know. My first thought was, "Gah. What is he wearing?!". My second, and more rational thought was, "Why, for the love of God, is he wearing anything at all?".
Well, and my quite well working photographical memory told me, that this is not the first time I saw this ugly thing.

After some searching . .. I found what I was looking for.

Oh, yes. It's not a robe.

(Just like his baseball caps and football shirts, one of Billy's private things he likes to wear)

x-posted all over the place, 'cause it just hit me.
22nd-May-2006 11:07 pm - Viva La Revolution!!!
dun let go Gris
Didn't like the last epi of CSI, sign the petition...I did ^_^

18th-May-2006 10:09 pm(no subject)
What an utterley and thoroughly disappointing episode of CSI tonight. Last week's was *so* good and this second part...sucked. I hate where they are taking the show. Frankly, with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip scheduled on NBC in the same timeslot next season, this will likely be the last ep of this show for me - regardless of the fact that I've been a fan of Billy's for the last 21 years. *sigh*
12th-May-2006 09:13 am(no subject)
OK - how cute was Billy tonight in the scene with Doc. Grissom asked a girl to marry him when he was still a student. She liked bugs too. He gave her his grandmother's engagement ring but his momma made him get it back. Then to find out he was in second grade. Awww....
5th-May-2006 01:00 pm(no subject)
Well, I am still stuck with being fascinated by that Diner pic. It has seemed to change over night last night. I found new things in it. I have read some spoilers, but nothing that really gives away a whole lot. But now knowing 100% exactly what's gonna go down, the pic is providing way more info than any spoilers I have ran into so far. If anyone knows of any good spoiler sights, I would love to know. Internet searches haven't helped out much in that department.

Anyway, if you would like to read what others have found in the pic, go HERE. You can read people's ideas and what they have found, plus you can also leave your own thoughts and findings. I did late last night. ^_^ Have fun.
1st-May-2006 12:49 am(no subject)
Howdy all. Me and copwhore have been having quite the fun going over that Diner pic at the CSI website, trying to find the clues. Well... I think it's time to find out what you all have seen in it. Not many eppies left before the season ends. Anyone wanna give out what they have found? Go right ahead. I'm DYING to hear it all. ^_^

Oh, and if you'd like to check out the pic I am talking about, go here: The CSI Diner Eating at this Diner is far from anyone's mind.

And I plan on giving what I have seen as well and compare it to all of yours. Have fun playing Sherlock Holmes. ^_^ And remember, follow the evidence because it leads to the truth.

EDIT: I forgot to put this earlier, but there is bound to be SPOILERS under this entry eventually. So, if you do not wish to know anything about the last two episodes of CSI for this season, or if you do not wish to know anything that people have found in the Diner picture, please- do NOT read the replies here if that is the case. ;D
hell-o, sexy
So. Because I don't have a paid account, we're going to do this the old fashioned way.
The thing is, as you might have noticed, I plan on iconing every William Petersen movie that is available on DVD. This wacko notion of mine already gave birth to the Manhunter set (120 icons), the To Live and Die in L.A. set (130 icons) and the Passed Away set (92 icons).
These three movies are, yet, the only ones I have on DVD, so there's an absolute and delicious freedom of you to choose which of his movies you want to see iconed next.

(Go to my journal to see the list and vote.) Thanks =)
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