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This is a community for people to come together to talk about everything that has to do with William Petersen. From Manhunter to CSI, and everything else! Have fun while you're here!

Feel free to post icons, screencaps, banners, videos, wallpaper, links to William Petersen websites, poems, polls, links to other Billy Petersen communities, quizzes that you've taken or made and want the rest of us to take, songs that make you think of him, even Grissom fanfic. Please use the lj_cut if posting more than 3 icons, posting a large article, 2 or more pictures, or any large image. (If you're not sure how to use the lj-cut, please email me or go to the FAQ. Thanks. :) If it has anything to do with Gil Grissom, William Petersen, or any of his other characters in any way, feel free to post it. (As long as it isn't bashing him.) Thank you. :)

Maintainer is rains_and_rains [Creator/Mod]

Co-Moderators/Maintainers are trumpetq04, martinisnolives, tazmania6507 & copwhore

Banners and pictures made by trumpetq04 & rains_and_rains, unless marked otherwise. :)

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Billy Petersen
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